How do I make an appointment?
You can make an appointment by calling the office: (03) 9654 5052, texting 0412 121 157 or emailing us at We will be more than happy to arrange a time with you for an obligation free meeting.

What methods of payment are acceptable?
Credit Card, Eftpos, Internet transfer, Cash, and Personal Cheques (after fully cleared)

When do I pay for my jewellery?
You pay for your jewellery once the piece has been completed and when you are satisfied with the workmanship of your jewellery purchase. A 10% deposit is required when you confirm your decision to make a purchase.

How long does it take to make or supply my engagement ring?
For an Intricate design the ring can take up to three weeks to finish.  For a simple design the ring can be done within a week.

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?
A diamond engagement ring symbolises a lifetime commitment. This however doesn’t mean you have to spend a lifetime paying for it. Despite some jewellery industry recommendations to budget approximately two months’ salary, what to spend is completely up to you. Only you know what makes sense for you particular situation. Fortunately, diamonds are available in a wide range of qualities, sizes, and prices - and each is unique - so you're bound to find one you'll both love at a cost you are comfortable with.

When I make an appointment for an engagement ring, should I come with my partner or do I come alone?
There are so many options that no answer is right or wrong. Only you know what is right for your situation. If you come in alone our experienced staff can help you decide without your partner knowing. Many couples come together as well, and do not announce the engagement until they have the ring. Another option is a gift voucher which some couples find helpful. Whichever decision you decide on we and Melbourne diamond Importers can turn your dream into reality.

How do I get my partners ring size without them knowing?
This is always a hard question there are many different ways to estimate your partners ring size. We find the most accurate is to "borrow" one of your partners rings for a moment. With pencil and paper, trace around the inside of the ring. Bring the tracing to us to be measured. For accuracy, remember on which finger he or she wears the ring. This method will always be a rough estimate, but it gives us a good starting point, and most of all don’t stress as rings can be re-sized very easily after your proposal if required.

Do I have to make a decision on my first meeting?
No, Melbourne diamond importers have obligation free appointments and do not use high pressure sales tactics with you to make a decision.

Is it possible to custom design a piece of jewellery for me?
Yes, this is what our company does best. We can custom design a piece of jewellery from a mixture of your ideas and ours to make the perfect design for you.

Does the jewellery I purchase come with a valuation?
Yes, our jewellery is valued by highly qualified independent Registered Valuers who are members of the National Council Jewellery Valuers of Victoria.

I have heard about conflict free diamonds.  Will my diamond be conflict free?
We source our stones through legitimate suppliers. We always ensure that all stones we procure meet with the conflict free standards as set by the United Nations and described as the Kimberley process.

Does my ring come with any warranty?
The best part about dealing with an Australian company is that your purchase is fully covered by Australian consumer law. You are covered by all warranties unlike what may be the case when purchasing your jewellery from an overseas internet company.  We want our customers to be happy and refer other family and friends so we aim to please.


If you have any other questions feel free to contact us via our online form or call on (03) 9654 5052.